May 1st


Today is a great day, it’s not just because it’s May first it’s the day that john Paul II and his beatification. I just thought I would write a little note to say what I think about what John Paul II ment to me.

He was the only Pope that I knew when I was growing up. I even remember when my sis got to go and see him in Ca. I remember when the phone call came to our house. We were living in the new house. I still remember the phone ringing and she picking it up and then saying thank you. She turned to me and said I’m going to see him. Mary I really am going to see him.

On another note I always thought he was talking to me. When I saw him on T V I felt that he was so close to me. I never got to go and see him in person but I did get to see him on the T V. I know that he will be a saint some day. I just hope it will be in my time.


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