My dear nephew


As most of you know I have a great and dear Nephew, I love him so much, I can still remember when my sister came home with him on the plane. I had asked for a half day and I really did not do anything at work. I mean I was going to be TIA. I remember getting to the air port and waiting, and then waiting some more. For my family to finally get a little person in our life’s was a big thing. My grandma was there my mom was there also. I remember my dad was oh so happy. And for myself I was standing there and waiting. I thought it was going to be just us. However, there were other people waiting for them also. people that my sister and her ex husband got to know from doing the adoption. So it was good to know that there were people in the same shoes that my sister was in. Some of the other people had not gotten their child yet. However, for them it was a waiting game. Others, of them were just starting the whole big thing of adopting, so seeing my sister and my family finely get our little baby boy was just so great.

We did here that the plane was here, and everyone was just so happy. Mom was so happy that she was going to be a grandma. Dad was starting to get very happy also. Yet, as it be my sisters way they were not the first people to come off the plane. We all started to get worried about where they were. But then my sister started to come out and in her hands was a baby boy. He would become so very imported to me and my family. I would do just about anything for him. Mom and dad are now grandma and grandpa and I was now Tia. We all got to hold him and say our “oh he is so perfect” He was up and very happy to go to everyone. He really took to his grandma very fast. But, grandpa would not let him get to far away with grandma. My parents were fighting about who got to hold him on the way out. it was kind of funny. Before we could all leave we had to have a pitcher of the family and then the whole family. The baby boy would not look up, we all tried to get him to look up but I think he was more inclined to look at what was on his feet. Who would have believed that a baby boy would make life so special. Time with him would be a very big thing for me. I really wanted to be the tia that was there for all his big things in life. I can’t believe that it’s been over 5 years now. He is getting bigger and bigger. He loves to play like he is grandpa. He also loves to talk to his grandma also. As for me I have just become another person in his life and that is so Ok with me. He is a very good little boy that I love very much.

I just saw a pitcher of him and man he is getting so big. Yet, in other ways he is still so small. He would like to be a big kid now, and he is just that a big kid. However you can still see a little boy in the eyes of a 5-year-old. Some of the story’s that I hear from my sister are so much like what a little boy would say or want. So thank you to my sister and my dear nephew for being a part of my life.


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