this is why I don’t live in todays world.


People have asked me to live in today’s world. Live in the now, don’t think to far out, just think of today. I have done just that and let me tell you that a person with a disability CAN NOT do that. In the past few weeks I have done just that lived in the world of today. Let me tell you what happened. I made up an appointment at the dentist. This is some place that I don’t want to be in the first place. I have also missed an appointment. I never miss this kind of appointment. I also missed a lot of calls that I have been waiting for. Now some of them are things that I can go back and call on but it’s just nice to have the person on the phone the first time.

So, you must be thinking that I can’t keep all of the phone calls and appointments together all the time? Well I do have to do just that, sorry for that, some of the appointments are going to charge me even if I don’t get there. It’s money that I don’t have to throw around. Now if you have some money that you will throw around can you throw it at me?

When you have on going appointments every week it is kind of nice because I don’t have to remember when and where. It getts messey when I have a appointment when I don’t go all the time. And there are a few here and there that I have. There are also those ones that just come up every now and again. So looking for a place for those ones in the here and now is kind of hard. Yes I know I should keep a calondor with me. Oh my do I have a calondor with me all the time. But when I started to cut back on what I was kareing around with me to work and back. The Calendar got the cut. Again trying to live in the here and now was the goal.

I just got a new bag and I love it. I can put everything I need in there. All of my meds and all of the other things that I need. I was thinking of puting the calendar in there but it just never made it to the bag. I even thought that I might put every thing on my I touch. Again I did not have time to do that. Well when the last call came to me about how hard it was to get intouch with me. I said no more. I can not do life like this. I can’t live in the hear and now. I need to go back to what I was doing befor this whole thing of “Mary live in the here and now.” It will not happen. I am going to be holding my dear calendar and my I touch to me. The bag is just going to get heavier. Sorry to thoughs of you that have been on me to lighten the lowd.

Now if I ever hear “Mary live in the here and now” I’m going to tell them to come here. After that I’m going to tell them to come and walk with me for a week and then tell me to live in the here and now.


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