The word “change” is a word that I have not been very good at. I thought I was getting better at it but every now and again it gets to me. I know that life is all about change and I know that we can’t stop change but it’s so hard for me. I think it has been a hard thing for a very long, long time. I was just a person that could put a good face on and just go with it, even though it was so hard for me.

Well, there is going to be change again. I’m happy yet at the same time I’m very sad to see a great group of hard-working people move on. We were always called the “MA’s” and now that it is changing it will be hard to know that the new people are not going to be the same.

It was at least two maybe three years that this group of people had been working together. And now it’s time for one of us to go and be used in a new and exciting job. It just so happens that the other person is going to go on a three-week trip. So that will leave me to work. Now with all of that we do have new people coming in and that is great but the timing is not so good.

So, again Change and I are having a bit of a throw down and I think change is starting to win. Don’t worry I think I am going to try and let change win, maybe!


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