Been thinking of some things


So as you all can tell I did change my header pitcher. it looks like this

I’m trying to get better at taking my pitchers. I’m also starting to use differnt kinds of ways to take pitchers. I love my I touch because I don’t have to bring my camra with me all the time. Even though the thing is in my bag all the time. I was thinking of going to a place wher they grow flowers and taking some pix there. But I don’t know if they would want me to do something like that.

I also looked at my Blog and saw that it was getting to me because I have not really been talking a whole lot. So I am sorry about that.

I think that if I don’t have much to say that has to be a good thing right? There are little things that I talk about because they are little things that I think of.

I have been watching a lot of movies like you all can see. This is not because it’s winter it’s more like I need to find other times  to get my self to not think of other things. And my body is not liking me at all. So I have been trying to keep it happy. However with spring coming I will be trying to get out more. Hey, I might be able to get some good pitchers. I’m going to try to get my self to walk around a lake this year. No not the biggest one. It will be one close to home. I know just the one. I will have to drive there but the walk will be great.

So that is what I have been thinking of. I have been posting auto boos. I have been trying to podcast but it’s been a bit hard to get them up and out.

Have a great week all, and I will try to blog a bit more!


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