This past week


Have you ever had a week that all the things that you where going to do was off. Well that is what happened to me. From the beginning of the week I was off. I missed an appointment and I also made one up. I only made it to the pool one time. I think I only went to church one or two times last week. I was just not having a good week at all. I think Part of it is that now that I have a very big bag that I am using I’m not caring my planner around. So last week I did not look at it one time. I’m going to need to start using my I touch to make sure that I get every where I need to go. So with all this stuff going on Friday came and I thought I was going to go to the pool but I came home and slept hard. I was out all night. And even today I was not into getting up really I did not want to do anything but sleep.

I did get up and I did get moving and I found that the sun was out and I really needed to just do something. So I cleaned the deck for a bit. Then I got to sit out side for a bit longer. I loved it, yes we can still get snow and it can still get very cold here but today was just a day that was so nice. My body just needed to get out.

I did do a few audio boos this week so you might want to go and look at them. I have also been taking time to get up today on my movies that I have not seen or just some quiet time for me.

There are going to be some things that are going to be changing at work. One of my very good friends and co-workers will be leaving the department. She got a new job in the bank. I’m very happy for her. But I’m going to miss her so much. she is the best worker that I know. We have a very good team that is going to be changing and I don’t think that we will have that kind of team again. Yes I’m not looking at the good things of this change. However, we have been a team that has been together for a very long time. She and I have been working together for more than three years. It’s just not going to be the same. Both myself and my other co-worker are going to have a bit of a change in how much we need to learn from her before she leaves.


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