At church have you every thought


Hi all, I have been thinking of this one thing. When Father brakes the host at church the first thing I think of is the Lords body of brake when he was put to death. If you listen very hard you can hear the braking of the bread. So think about what the Lord was doing when the nails were going into in. Ever time I go to church I hear that and I some what feel the hurt of what he most have felt when they nails went in to hom.

So just think of what the Lord did for use when you hear or see the braking of the host.


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  1. Jim,
    This is one of the hardest times in the church year that I have. In the past I have posted about the hard times that I have.
    I’m glad that spring his coming, but I don’t like what happens in the churchs spring time. So I try not to post a whole lot of things about church at this time. I just get so mad at what has to happen to the Lord. It hurts me to say “well he has to die for us. Well, I have a hard time with that thought. So as I wrote the braking of the host is like braking the body.

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