Found a great app


Ok I am not a person that will do a lot of app reviews, Yet, I have to say that I think I might have found one of the best ones out there. The app is called note to God. I have not used it yet but it was free. Have you ever just wanted to write something down so it was out of your mind but not want to show it to anyone. will this app will do that. At lest it said that. You write your note, prayer what every one would like to call it and then you send it. NO take backs.


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  1. Mary,

    Very sweet idea you found for us. Thank you for posting this. This app is a brilliant idea and no matter what religion a person is and even if he or she is agnostic or atheist, everyone needds to feel he or she is being heard by SOMEONE! Your blog is very cool because of the brief entries written for a fast-paced world.

    • Thank you Billie,

      I have to say there are times when the posts are longer and much more put together. Right now I have been just watch movies and so write on my blog is some what hard. I don’t have the good thoughts going through my head. However, If you go bad there are some very long ones out there.

      And really for you to post something on my little blog is about the best thing a girls could ask for.

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