It’s been 6 years down town


Hi all, I would like to tell you all, that it has been 6 whole years working down town. I still can’t believe it myself. Who would have thought that I would still be doing the same thing that I was doing 6 years ago. Well, let me reword that. I am doing the same thing but it’s done very different. Life in the past 6 years has changed is so many ways. Some of the ways that changed were good and other changes were not so good. Let me see, I have had 4 bosses. I have seen so many people come and go. I started on the 17th floor and now I work in the basement. I have been getting down town for those six year. I have had to learn how to take a bus and then my car. I have had to also learn how to network.

I hope I last 6 more years doing something of the same thing. Oh yes I have also been with the bank for 11 years OH MY!!


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