It is the first weekend of Lent


Hi all, as you might remember that lent is here. Many people think that Lent is a very good time of the year for the church. However, I have such a hard time with it you guys would not believe it. There are days that I would just like to stand up at church and say “someone is going to die, why are we all a happy bunch of people right now.” I know, if he did not died for us we would not be saved. But it just gets to me. How can anyone be happy about a person dieing. In the world of today some times we are happy that people die. And there are other times that we say just the other thing why did this person have to die.

I have never been a person that is all about death and all. I myself am very worried about dieing. For one I don’t want to leave the people who I love so very much here. Next I don’t want people to be upset that I am gone. Another thing is that what is going to happen to me when I die. I know that the church will teach us about how when we die we will go to him. Yet, think about it. what if we don’t go to him. What if we just are mist? What if God does not like what we have done with our life. What than. I do try to believe that he is out there trying to lead me on to what he would like be to do. I try to think that I’m doing this thing for God. But am I doing these things for him or am I doing things in my life for other reasons.

It’s hard to believe that I have these same questions every year. I get so upset with myself for just thinking some of the thoughts that I have about Lent and the church. Dose this make me a bad person?


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