My new Nieces


When my sis got married this last time I got a new brother-in-law. I also got 3 Nieces. So the house that my sis is in and her new husband is kind of little when everyone is home for the week or weekend. The Girls love to come over because my nephew is there and they love playing with him. However I have to give it up to my sis to keep that house running like it does.

Having Nieces is very different then just having my nephew. I love all of them and I see a little hit of me in all of them. I can’t wait until they get a bit older. So really my sis’ house went from 2 people to 6 people in a span of a few weeks. Now I have to tell you that all the kids still see the other parent and I feel that this is an important thing for all of the children. So There are weeks when there is just my sis at the house and then there are weeks that EVERYONE is over and having a great time.

I have to tell you guys about a little thing that happened. All the kids have pocket frogs on there I touch. And I thought it would be good to get over there and see how to set up this pocket frogs thing. The middle girl was very happy to help me set it all up. I was so happy that she was there to help me with it. She would be a very good teacher I think. I have not asked her what she would like to be when she gets old. But from just that little time with her I can see a teacher in her.


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    • Jim it’s been a little time sents I got to hear anything from you. did go to your blog and I love the look of it all. I’m going to have to look into it a bit more.

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