As you all know that I have been trying to get to a warm pool, Well I did and I have been able to get there right after work. The pool is down town and it’s at the hospital. So, if something happens I will be right there lol. I only been going for a week but a week is better than waiting for more paper work to come through. Because I am going there and I’m using the pool at a time that most people are not using for what I am using it for. I had to get the OK from the higher-ups,

So this is what I am going to try to do:

Pool Monday and Wednesday, and then all the other appointments will happen around that. This is good because on those two days I was going to P T. I don’t have to move things around too much.  Now that I say that I have to say that my new work coach is going to be a bit harder. I am going to have to work with her. She would love to see me on Tuesdays at 2 and I have an appointment that day. I will not change it because I did it one time in the past and it made my whole week mest up. The work coach is in ST Paul on Fridays so that day is out for her. I was thinking that I would be able to see her on Thursdays the weeks I don’t have an appointment. I was thinking that if it comes down to me having to go to the pool on Fridays  I will do that. However it’s not what I would like to do. When summer comes around I will not want to do anything on Fridays because I will want to get to the cabin as fast as I can, Getting out-of-town on Fridays will be the only thing I would be doing. Now I will not be going up every weekend but a lot of them. I will be trying to get up there. Time away from the city is the best time. And with my vacation I just use it as very long weekends.

If you have not heard my podcast in the last two months. I put two up in the past week. They are just the same things. I’m trying to get back into the whole podcasting thing. However I really took a break from it because I did not no how to start it. So, in the two shows that I put out I started with something that explains what the podcast is about. You know letting people know who I am and why I am doing the podcast. I know that my podcasting days have because very spotty. I’m going to be working on that this year. I’m getting to the point were I don’t like to do all the fancy things. Just get it out and get it done.


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