What am I going to do this month?


Ok This is what I am going to try very hard to do this month. As most of you all know money is a thing that everyone is having a hard time with. Well I’m not out of that one, the money thing has hit me just like all of you. So this month with all the other things I get to write down in my planner. I’m going to start writing down where I spend my money. I think I know but it will be good to see where every penny goes. You know like Gas, food, soda pop, I tounes gift cards, bills. Every penny is going to be written down so I know where it is going.

I’m going to start at the begining of March. This might be a bit hard because the March of dimes is going to start for work. So, I’m very sorry to say that my money will not be going to it like it has been.

So at the end of this month I am not going to blog were all my money went but I will tell you what I was surprised with.


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