Have you ever wanted to just go back to a place that make you feel good?


I got up today and I got to thinking of if there was a place that I would love to go back to see. With all that has gone on in my life. I would love to go to some of those places that have helped change my life.

One of the places that I would love to go back to is the High school band room. I would just stand in the middle of the room. I would look around and take it in. So much happened in that room. I got to learn how to play my instorment better, faster. with more understanding. I loved doing just that. Long days at school learning new things. Marching over and over. Making our music going with what we were doing on the feeled. Keeping time with our feet. Hearing from the teacher “Mary are you ready to get down to work” knowing that it would be time for me to shine when marching band was over for the year. I did not like marching I love to sit down and play. So the times that he could see that I was having a hard day with marching and he could just say those things to me was the best thing ever. I also remember selling candy. Every year I had candy that I had to sell I loved it at first and then I did not like it. I had a spot next to a grade school that I sold all my candy it was like the best place for me to sale.

So going back to that place or spot would be one of the best things. The band room in High school. Again just to sit in the middle of the room and look and remember all the time I was there.

Yes there are more places that I could tell you now or I could just tell you them in another post. So you have to come back.


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