I’m here and I’m doing a bit better


Here I am, I’m still trying to fight a cold but I’m here. I have not been around because I have not had anything BIG to say. Life is just the same for me. I think that the biggest thing is that I have been trying to get over this cold. I didn’t think that anyone would really want to read about me talking about having a cold.

I have not had anything interesting to say. I just would like my world to slow down. I would like people to get me when I say I can’t do that, or know that I don’t like to drive at night. Is this too much to ask of my friends and new co-workers? I wish I didn’t have to deal with my Cerebral Palsy. I think maybe it’s so hard to do right now because of some other things like;

On the news (kare 11) right now they are talking about news things that they had last year. The two storeys are about two kids that have disabilities and what they and there families have to and had to do to keep their child in good health. O.K, I know these two stores are great. I’m very happy for the two family’s, I’m happy that the kids are doing well. In some form the two children remind me of me, yes the two kids and their family remind me of me and my family. When I was growing up it was always the same thing. And my story could be just like there’s.

1. a child that has a disability and a family trying to make everything as normal as they can.

2. The will of the child and the feeling of having to be strong for them self and strong for their family.

3. A family that would do anything for their child.

These three things are just like what my family and I had to deal with when I was growing up. I did also have the love of my family. I got to where I am now with their help. But really at 33 years old I have had to learn something that all the doctors looked over. All the teachers have left out in their teaching. All of the people who are supported to help a family and the child learn that it is going to be a different life for them left out that one day the child is going to have to be on their own. The child is going to need to learn how to do things on their own. Oh, and YES the disability is going to get worries as the child gets older. ( I am a fact of that.) A body of a child is much different then the body of an adult.

Now I would like to just say that  from a person that was there with all the love and support. Life is not going to be as easy as anyone would have said to me. Yes it’s hard, yes you have to go to work every day, you have bills to pay ever month. But the feeling of the child who knows they are different and life is so much harder. For every two steps for word there was four steps taken.

If I knew what I knew now when I was 10 I would have done so much different then I did. I know I can’t go back in time. I think that we all at one time would love to go back to a time in their life. But for me with a disability I think about this more and more. I think when I am having a bad day with ballens or with trying to get from point one to point two it’s just so much harder. I am not trying to say that I’m giving up on my will. But can some one please show me that they get me and understand how hard it is.

And where is the news about the people who have over come their own disabilities as an older person. With so many people around them like doctors, teachers and many more telling them that you are not going to do anything in your life. All that you will do is sit at home getting SSD. And let me tell you right now I’m working and not sitting at home. I’m not getting SSD. I’m not going to take the easy way out of life even though it through me into a world of people who lie.


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