sick again


I can not believe I’m sick again. I feel lik I have been getting everything under the sun. With all the meds that I take you would think I would not get this sick. I even got a fly shot last year. So I’m now looking for a good home-made chicken notal soup.

Today I also got to start my pool P T yes I know if it is not one thing it’s another. But it was good and it was good to have the time in the worm pool. If you have not looking at my auto boo’s I would strongly say go look at them. I think I try to put one up more than I blog or podcast right now.

I’m going to see my mom and dad at the end of the week if my cold is on the mend. Oh and did I tell you that I can now put my DVD’s on my I touch. it’s called rip it and Hand break the best things that I have found. With all of the help that I have been asking for at work and then on the net and my really good friends in both places I can say that I did have to pay a bit of mony but not much. and I’m having a great time moving them onto my I touch. Well I need to get going I have a lot to get done for I go to bed tonight, my body is just killing me.


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