Help, moving movies to I touch and changing them


I am writing this post to get some help. I would like to put movies on my I touch that are my own. However, I am having a hard time finding out how to do this. If there is anyone out there that can help me I would really like to know step by step. Like I said I have to movies all ready but I just would like to take them on the go. I think I need the help in making them MP4’s

I have been looking on the web and things like that. Yet, I would like some input from my readers and my on line friends. So if you can help that would be great .



UP DATE: All of my movies ARe on DVD.


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  1. Hello! I found your blog from GSPN. So you have the movies on DVD or some other format? If you have a Mac, you can use Handbrake, which I’ve used and recommend highly. A lot of people use Roxio’s software (not sure which one exactly).

  2. Thank you Rachel
    Handbrake, is it something that I am going to need to down load? Do you know how much it’s going to be? All of my movies are on DVD. Some one that I was talking to said that I was trying to Rip the DVD to I tounds, I don’t even know what that is.I will look into Handbrake. Thank you for your help in my big matter. Well it’s big to me.

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