Something I found on my RSS reader


You guys I would love to be able to this. I have to say I don’t like the musice but I do love the viteo.

this is one of many resone whay I love takeing sky pitchers. I believe that they sky might be the look into heaven. Or it’s just thinking and looking a the world as it was ment to be. God made the earth and how many times to you just sit and look up.

I know that whem my sistor and I was little kids we would look up and try and make pitchers out of what we see. I still do that but now I don’t tell people. I just look and see if God is telling me somthing. So I hope you like this. Remeber to take time out of your day and look up maybe you can forget able all the things in the world and you can feel like there is nothing that you have to or need to do in the next few minnets


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