nephew is only 5


My loving Nephew who I would do just about anything for is only 5 years old. But he is so good as a boy. However, I think that sometimes we forget how young he is. He is the baby of the house hold. and some times I forget how young his is. yesterday I got to see how much he was only 5 years old.

First  he really did not want to get up and see what the big guy brought. I think he had a cold. Again he is only 5. Christmas is still a very new thing for him. But the Girls where that and they all needed to know that what the big guy brought. Know one could see what he had brought until my nephew was up. Mommy when and got him.

Next. As the girls were leaving to go to their mom’s house. My 5-year-old nephew tried to get dressed very fast so that he could play with them for a bit longer. He came down very fast and he asked can we play a little bit more. Well the girls were still in the house but there mom was coming so they could not play. He went up stars and told mommy, and the next thing I say was him crying. To see him crying was about the hardest thing.

Because I am TIA I don’t want to see him upset and I would have loved to take the pain away from him. I love him so much and I know he knows that. But to see him so upset just hurt me. I still have to remind myself some times that his is only 5 years old


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