Something that my sis wrote


Hi all, I don’t know if you have had the time to read a blog that I follow. Her last up date is talking about how Christmas was in our family when we were growing up. If you would like to read it here it is becoming my parents  I really have to say that she did hit it on the head on almost all parts of Christmas.

I also remember that my dad would have a great time with making her and I have to stay in our rooms on Christmas until mom would get up.  And for two little girls who thought 5 mins was hours.  My sis and I thought that mom would never get up. Oh and then when our mom would get up she would have to get her tea and start making breakfast.  For us it was another hour. Finally she would come around and say that she was ready. However, we had to come down in our new P J’s


We were a family that also got to open one gift on christmas eve. That was fun also, we would eat dinner and then go and open our one gift. How did mom and dad always know what gift was the new PJ’s.  Because we lived away from the family there would be boxs always coming to the house and she and I would always want to try to see what was in them. Mom would open the box when we were not around sometimes she would not open them. Dad and her would talk in parent talk and it was always something about this or that box that came or did not show up yet.


Today as I was reading my sis is blog I was taken back to when we were very little and the things that we got. Nothing really comes to mind right away. However, we had family to be around. Grandma would almost always be in town for Christmas. It was almost to the point were christmas was not the same with out her.





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