Change again!


Everyone likes to tell me that life is change. I am a person that really has had to learn about change. It’s taken me a bit to get to the point where I am now. I’m not the best at it. I’m still not very good at doing it. However, Friday I found out that my work coach was not going to be around next year. Change again, if I am not getting better at this thing we all call change; I think I might have lost it. Yet, I did not lose it at all. I was very sad to hear she was not going to be around for next year. I was not happy to hear she was not going to have a job. But Change is just a part of my life. I’m starting to get it. Now next time I talk about change YOU can’t tell me that I am getting better. You can say that I’m working hard to under stand it.

I think one of the biggest things that I have learned this past year is not to fight it. Change is going to happen if I like it or not. So thank you to the work coach that I am saying good-bye to. I will be open to the next chapter of work coachs that comes along.

Just a side note, I can’t stand that we can’t find the money for funding non profits. So if you still need to send out those checks for tax cuts please send them the way of Minnesota Resource center here is another place that I have used from MRC. I have used Staying On the Job and Extended Employment (EE). I know that you all who have read my blog and or listen to my podcast will know that I have had some very good luck with MRC. Look I still have my job, just had my 12 years sevese


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