Winter is here


This weekend winter came. I got up to a very big snow storm on Saturday. I was very much not happy about this because you all know how much I don’t like to be in the cold. well it’s here now. I will try to not talk about how much I don’t like it this year, Well I will try. I did like it when I was in side and it was out side failing. Last night the boyfriend and I went out for dinner and it was not as bad as I thought it was going to be. Monday morning will be the test for all the drivers. I know that I have not been out yet because my thought of it all, is I will let all the other people get used to driving in it. Then I will take my turn and start driving in it. I did get some good pitchers of the snow. 

Here are some other ones that I took

I believe that this last one is the one that I took a 3 pm.

Yes look at all the snow was from one day. It did not stop really all day long. Time to get out the winter clothes.


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  1. Jim

    Thank you for liking them. I am getting much better at taking pitchers. We are going to be have the holliday’s with people I don’t really know I’m hopeing to get some good pitchers there.

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