Veteran’s Day


Thank you, to all that have been a part of serving the USA. Today is your day and you have earned it with every step you take.

I have to say Thank you to my dad who I love and look up to and smile every time we talk. He is my special  Veteran. He is a

Vietnam vet.

Even though he can’t get the help that he needs now. Because the place that Veteran’s are suppose to go and get help WILL not help him. My dad got hurt in the war and it has always been a part of his life. However, now that he is much, much, older and his body can’t do the same things as he could do with the injury he is always in pain now. His injury was that he fell off a cliff and hurt his back very badly. From what I no he was sent home after the tent that he was in got shot at and he ended up getting more injured from that . He came home and spent time in a hospital. But there is very little to know paper work about this. And so the pain has been getting worris and worris for years now. However, he has now gotten to the point were he needs the help and is willing to take the help that he should get. So now that he is willing to take the help that he needs the place will not HELP him. Because there is not the “right” paper work on him and his injury.

So Dad thank you for being a vet and we will keep praying and hoping that the place that you should be able to get the help will get there acts together.

I love you daddy and don’t forget that .




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