from Work coach

I can’t believe that I was asked if I would be willing to do this
From work coach.
A group that does lobbying for funding with legislators is asking us to complete a survey on a client in the Extended Employment program. I believe your success in keeping your job is a good example of how our employment retention programs can help other people too, and keep this program funded. The survey does not identify the clients by name, just asks questions about how long you’ve been in the job, your wages, length of time in our program, what your diagnosis is, etc. I would like to use your profile to do this survey, and could answer most of the questions just by using our records here, but just want to make sure it’s okay with you.
If you would like to be identified they would love to have someone represent people who have disabilities and want to work, but you don’t have to do that. Let me know what you think.
I sent this back to her
Thank you, so much for thinking of me. Yes, I would me very happy that you could use me to tell others how much the Extended Employment program has been able to help me keep my job and how much the program has helped me in so many other ways.
I would also like it if you could use my name. Then people have a name to go with the survey. They have a person to be able to put this survey together with.
Thank you again with thinking of me for this surve.
can I get a copy of the survey when it’s done
She wrote me back and said
I said to her
Anything to help MRC. I know that if it was not for the help you guys have given me I would not be here still.  I would have kept running from a very good job, not knowing that there was help out there for me to just keep my job. I do believe in what MRC is doing. So, if I can help in any way I will do anything to help. You can look at it as if I can help the next person keep there job I’m paying it forewords.

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