A post that I feel like I need to write about a person “too disabled to fly”


First I have to say think you so much to a great friend Eunice Brownlee for bringing  this to the fore front, even though I’m still sick.

This story was on cnn travel. The story was about a man who was in a wheelchair who also has Cerebral palsy and was helped on to the plain and then taken off. He was told from an US airways employee, the same one that helped him on to the plain “he was “too disabled to fly” alone”

Ok that is what got me going on this whole thing. How does an employee know if you are “too disabled to fly”

I have never been in this kind of spot but Oh my. I have friends that are in wheelchairs and have a lot of upper body strength, and there arms are very strong. I did look at the video and this man looks and seems to be just fine.

Some times I wonder if other people should be flying with out some one. ( I will leave that to another post.)

Why is it that if you look disabled people think you can’t do things for your self? I know I don’t look disabled most the time, Yet there are the times that my body doesn’t want to go and move the way I would like it. I know that when I travel on planes I get so lost in the air port that I have just gotten to the point where I ask for the cart to come and get me and a wheelchair to be waiting for me when I get off, and 90 % of the time my gate is the last one and farthest from where I start. so I walk that much am I going to be too disabled to fly? No I’m not it’s just that I had to walk all over the air port. So to cut down on that I just ask for the cart to come and get me. Again, because I used the cart does that mean I’m to disabled to fly? I’m not a very tall person and I need help with getting things in the over hand compartment. And people are always willing to help.

Hey and what about the seats in the front of the air plane. The place were there is a whole lot of room. It’s always a head ake to get on and off the plane. They always ask for the people who are going to need help getting on the plane to bord first. So is that a thing of being to disabled to get your self off the plane in an emergency

Lets talk about kids who fly by them sells. They get “special help and looking after, when they are on the plain”. And really some of them seem to be too young to be traveling by them self.

Bigger people who need help putting their seatbelts on get help. And let me tell you that they are not going to be able to move as fast if there is an emergency. Now I say that just from my own experience. I have found that they are the hardest people to get around when needing help. I’m not trying to say that bigger people are bad but look at that. I feel that they are the ones that are going to have a problem getting off a plane in an emergency. I have nothing bad for them or anything but if you are going to say that a man who looks and travels a lot is too disabled to fly on your plane, then you really should look at everyone who gets on your plane and see if they are going to be able to move fast in an emergency.

I think that this is what makes me so mad is that a man who is a bissness person or a man that knows what and how to get in and out of his own weelchair on the plane is going to know what he can and can’t do.


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  1. Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on this. I was appalled reading this story.

    I feel very much the same way, whose determination is it that you are not able to fly alone, first of all, and secondly, if there were an actual emergency, what kind of sick passengers wouldn’t help someone who may need a little extra assistance?

  2. Thank you Eunice

    Thank you so much for bring this to the for front to my mind. I hope and pray that one this will never have to happen to anyone i know. And this will not happen to be one day. As time is going on my CP keeps telling me it’s here and not going any were. So I might have to get my travling in sooner then later.

  3. Joahn swift

    what kind of Images would you like to see. Yes I know that there are different ways of understanding things. So what kind of images would you like to see to help you understand what happened. If you go to the site you can see the interview with the man. On plurk I have had people write me and tell me that they are worried about this happening to them.

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