Sunday 9-3-10


Today is just a day that I thought that I could just update you on the ever day things that are going to be happening this next week. On Monday I thought I had PT but I don’t, that is good so I have the day off after work. I will be spending time with mom and my aunt. Tuesday I will be in an appointment after work. It is an appointment that is very hard on me but I know that I need to go and deal with the things that happened to me


Wensday I will be in P T at 2:30 and then I will see the next person at 3:00 I hope that they can still help. I know that last week ever thing that they did helped me a lot.

Thursday I have another appointment. It’s one that I know I have but I don’t remember where I’m going.

Friday I will have a day off again. However I will need to go and see me mom and aunt again.


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