Life is too short


As I sit here writing this post I think of a lot of things. Today was going to be a day that I was going to sit and clean my Apt. That all changed when the boy friend came home this past week and said my dad’s dad passed away Monday night. I asked a few more questions and I found out that the whole thing was going to be on Saturday. Today, the day I was going to be cleaning and having family dinner before the parents were going to be leaving for the winter place. When the boy friend said this to me I know that my weekend plans were going to be out the window. I know I was going to need to be with him on Saturday and I know that things were not going to be fun that day. It was time to be the good girl friend and do the right thing and be with him and his family for the day.

Now for today. I was sitting at the funeral home and

I sent my sis a SMS and told her that I was with the boyfriend and I was not going to be able to get over there.

what time is dinner

She sms back Aunt Mary is very sick. and mom and dad are very sad

I said With boyfriend at funeral I do not know if I will make dinner I will try

I said What is so sad

she said Aunt Mary potentially pancreatic cancer

I said When did you find out about that


she said Aunt Mary my die Hello

I said when did you find this out

she said today

she said this morning

where are mom and dad

A bit had gone by and I stopped because my mind was just going as fast as it could. After the funeral I look down and saw

she said not a problem mom and dad are at her house now.

I then called my mom and dad on their cell phones no one was picking up and I got a bit worried about why my dad was not picking up his phone.

Mom called me back and put my mind at ease. She said to me to be with my boy friend and if I could make it tonight she would be very happy to see me.

I told her that I would be over there when I could get there. I did stay and have lunch and them the boyfriend and I came home I had two hours to sleep. I got up and then went to my sis’ house. The whole family was there and I was very happy to see them all. It was a very long day for me but my mind is still going. Mom, Dad and sis are doing as best as they can. Dinner was good and after I got the whole story on my Aunt. So if you could do me a BIG fav and just remember my family.

The boy friend was great all through this SMS thing. He new what was going on with my family. I needed his help with a few words. So that is why he knew from the begining of the day like myself. I did not tell his mom because she would have said that I need to be with my family. However I needed to be there with her and his family. I know my mom and dad would have been very upset with me if I just came over and tried to find as much out.

So that is why I am saying that life is too short. If you have the time and you would like to see something go and do it. We never know when we are going to be called home.

So as my boy friend is putting a family member to rest, I am getting news that one of my own family member is sick and we could be doing this again.

Mom and dad said that no one will know anything really until Wednesday and to just think good thoughts.

I am doing just that. However, there is a side note in my life I have found out that things always come in threes for me.


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