Lots of faith things


I heard this song and it just touched me. I have been trying to be a better Catholic in the past few weeks. I have taking to listening to the rosary in the morning. When I go to church I love to sit on the side were the light of christ is. I have been slowing down on what I say at church and really listening to what I’m saying. And it’s things that I believe and it’s things that I am starting to understand. You know when you are a little kid and you just say it because you have to. Well now it’s what I believe. I can’t believe that it’s taken me over 30 years to get it.

Even when I was going through the life altering thing I felt very far from the church. But I still believed in God. It is a very hard thing to write about because I don’t even understand it myself. But I might have been mad at God, I might have blamed him for what was going on. However through all of the crap I was going through I still knew that he was there.

Now that it’s been a bit longer then when it all happened  I can still find my self loving God even more than before. Now I have to say that I still don’t go to church on sunday. My body just will not let me. So I make it a point to go during the week.


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