Where were you 9 years ago?


Today is a day that will live in my mind for ever. Like most of us we are thinking about September 11, 2001 it was 9 years ago. I would just like to put my two cents in to the mix of all blogs that are going to be put out today. All the podcasts that will talk about it today also. and finely the T V and news people who are going to be all over this day.

9 years ago I was still living at home and had just met a guy that I fell over hands and knees for. I was finishing a paper for one of my college classes and did not know what was going on. The only thing that I really had my mind on was getting this paper done and in. I had told myself that I would be able to look at what ever was going on after I got the paper done. As the time was ticking down and I was almost ready for class. The computer that I was using was starting to go a bit slow and I didn’t have time for it. I had to run to another computer and print my paper out. I got it printed. I went to class getting down the hall was hard but I was telling people who I needed to get to class so if you did not want to get run down my me you might want to get out of my way.

The teacher did not come to class but he had a file for the paper’s that had to be in at the begining of the class.  I still did not know what was going on but was very mad at the teacher because I really needed to find out what people were looking at. So around 10:00 I got to a T V and saw what every one had seen live. My mind was just running and I didn’t believe what I was seeing.

So 9 years ago I was writing a paper. What were you doing on this day???


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  1. I was living in Seattle at the time. I was on the bus on my way to work when my husband called & said that someone had bombed the towers. “Again?” I said. “No, they are GONE,” he said.

    The rest of the morning was spent on pins & needles as we waited to see if there would be another attack on the west coast. When 9 am came & went without incident, we just spent the rest of the day in pure horror.

    The events of Sept 11th were the beginning of a downward spiral for me – where I felt so incredibly helpless and angry, but didn’t want to live my life looking back in regret.

  2. I was driving to work when I started to hear about it on the radio. My husband called on my cell to tell me what was happening. He was still home watching on TV. When I got to work, everyone was watching the TVs and we saw when the second plane hit the tower. We worked that day but only got done the stuff that had to be done. I prayed on the ride home that evening for a sign that we would make it through this. I felt this was the beginning of a 3rd world war. I live in a rural area and just as I left the interstate to drive down the rural highway to my house, I saw a deer come out of the trees. It stopped and looked at me as I drove by then bounded back into the trees it came from. I knew that was my sign. I felt peace then. It is not unusual to see deer near my house but not so close to the interstate. Later we found out that the son of one of my husband’s clients died in one of the towers.

  3. Eunice,

    Thank you for sharing your trip that day. I know it must have been hard to think that something was going to be coming your way. Or just not knowing what was going to happem. I think a lot of people here in the midwest thought the same thing. Like I said in my post I was at school and I was around a lot of my friends so I felt some what safe. It really hurt me when some of my friends got blamed for it because of where there back ground is from. I think that is what hurt me the most.

    But thank you for sharing your story!

  4. Pam,

    I can understand what you might have been going through. I know that the people at work got to go home that day and be with the ones they love.

    As for school that day I think all of my classes were not had that day. Even if we were to be doing a test or something like that. No teachers showed up. It was like that for two days. The school was still open and people were coming and going just like normal but there was something just not said.

    Thank you for sharing your story of the day that changed all of our lifes.

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