A letter to a dear friend


To a dear friend,

In the past few years that you have been gone I would like to tell you that I have thought of you the day you died and on your birthday. Today is your birthday and your family still loves you very much. Your wife thinks of you all the time. Your boys are trying to do the best they can. Yet, I think of you a lot on days that would have been imported to you. And today would have been the day that you would have had your family around you to wish you a happy birthday. Your son and I are still together and we are doing just as you would have liked. I some times think of when I first met you and your wife. I would have never thought that we would become very good friends and very close. So as people are thinking about 9-11 as a very bad day in history. I will think of this day as a day that is joyful because you were born on this day.


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