Did I get a new I touch or not


In a post that I wrote a bit ago called New I touch I said that I would not be getting one because I did not pre-order it. I didn’t think they were going to have any when I got there. I was going to have to wait for the end of the month. Well that is not what happened. The day before they were to come into the store I had to get my old I touch looked at. It was not working right. I saw that they still had the old nano’s and all the old stuff. I was happy to see that. I had about an hour to kill and I looked at the I pad.

Over this past weekend my sis and I were talking about getting an I pad or getting a mac book pro. She thinks that all I need is a i pad but I really would like to have a mac book. So we kind of got into it and I said let me just think some more. So that is why I was looking at the I pads. I did not like them because I am a person that types with hands on the key bord. With the I pad you can’t do that. That was like the only thing that was not good for me. I was also looking at the nano’s because I really liked it and I do not like the new ones that are coming out.

I have found that if I spend too much time in the apple store I will buy something. So, yes I did buy one of the old nano and I got my I touch to work also.

I left the store also knowing that the new stuff would be in the next day. When I talked to the people who were helping me they said if you come in at 10:00 tomorrow you have a very good chants to get one. So I slept on it. I still did not know if I was going to get one. The next morning. I didn’t sleep that well so I was up and ready to go at about 9. I found myself going to the apple store and still not knowing what I was going to be getting or not. I walked in to the mall and the doors were open at the store. I thought the store would be busy but there was no one around. I found my self standing and looking at the new I touch and talking to a person about them. One of the sales people came over and started to talk to the person that I was talking to. He was an older man and he did not know if he really wanted one. The sales person talked to him and I said don’t worry about me I have all the time in the world. I did tell him that I would like one of the new I touch. As I was saying this I still did not know what I was talking about. I still did not know what one I was going to get.

The sales person said to me thank you and I will be with you right away. I then looked at the I touch and was listening in on the talking next to me. I was able to learn some things that I also had questions about. The two men got done talking and the sales person asked me what one I would like. I then looked down and said the  64 gm. At that time I knew that I was getting one and I knew that I was doing the right thing. You see this will be the last apple thing I buy for a long. long time. So Yes i did get a new I touch. I also think I got the older man to get one too. After talking to the sales person I went back to the older man and started to talk to him a bit more. I think for being the kind of person I was doing something that I do very well, that is talk to one person at a time and really getting them to know me and know why they should get or not get something.

I still think I would make a good sales person but at the same time they are the kind of people who have to make goals and things like that. I love to talk to people one on one. So if I could find a job like that I would love to go and work for that company


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