Don’t say it!


There is one thing that I really can’t stand. It is this ” oh, it’s mind over madder.” If I have to hear that one more time I think I’m going to just jump up and down and tell people to come and walk in my shoes. At one time I was all about the whole thing of mind over madder. However, in the past few years it has become madder over mind. I would love to do this but the body just will not let me. Those are the days that I really don’t like it. Some times I find myself telling myself if you will let me do this then I will come home and not do anything more. It’s almost like a way to just push the body a little bit more. Yet, the body has its own thoughts and it is the one with the last say. I don’t like to say that but it is the truth. Body is first, mind has to take the back seat.

I don’t think that this is a bad thing for me. It’s just when people say that I am not trying hard anoffe or I’m just given up and looking for the fast out. This is about the one thing that I cant’t stand. It’s also something that I have had to learn not to get under my skin.

I also thing that one of the things that has helped this summer is that I got to get up to the caben more this year. I got to take long weekends and I think I used my time off much better this year. I will have to hear it more in the winter but most people will see that I just don’t do as well as I do in the summer.


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