Good news


Good news from MN. Work has been very hard for the past two months. As some of you guys know we have been going through some very big changes in my department. We have only had two people working and we need three people to do the work. It’s been hard but I have some very good news. However first I need to tell you all about what has been happening for the past two months.

Back in June, my good friend and co-worker was let go from work because of things that she had no control over. Her last day was in the end of June. We were very sad to see her leave. However she kept telling us that she was going to be back. She has 30 days to get this thing in her hand and get it to our HR department.

I was going to be leaving for my time up north. in the beginning of July, like I always do.  We were going to be moving from the 17th floor to the basement on the 12th of July. It was going to be the day that I was going to be driving back to town My new boss said that it would be great because then they could be able to move all of my stuff down.

My new boss knows that I had stuff that needed to be done before my stuff could be moved. He understood what was going to be happening. He also knew that I was working and using LTD.

One other thing you need to know is that my department was getting an up grade in how we were going to be working. So as all of this other stuff is going on the Higher up’s were trying to get the upgrade in place. Some where in this whole thing it was decided to not move us until August. That was great news for us. I could go on my trip and know that my other co-worker would be fine.

July happened and there was no news from the person that needed to get this thing into HR. We tried to plug along as much as we could. The end of July had come and again I was going to be leaving to go up north. This time the move was set for August 2. I would be down stares for 3 days and then leave. Still no word from the co-worker. We learned that she was going to have another month to get this paper in.

So The last day in July came and we were still packing and still working. It was very hard on both my co-worker and myself  to get it all done. Getting down stares was kind of hard because the next week we found out that there was still things that did not get moved.

For the past month we have been working very hard to get things done. About a week ago I found out that she was not going to be coming back to work. The paper work did not come through. So my new boss said that he was going to be hiring a new person.

But wait, today I found out that she is coming back!!!! I did not know this until I had called to talk to my boss and tell him that I was really not going to be able to come in. He said that I did every thing right by calling his cell phone. He said to me do you want to know something good. I said to him my co-worker is coming back? he said yes how did you know? I didn’t know anything. It was just a guess.

So That is my Good news    MY CO-WORKER AND FRIEND IS COMING BACK !!!


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