So happy to be in town this weekend


This weekend I have been just being around with the boy friend. this will be it for a good month. Next month he will be working long weekends. I really feel for him when he has to do the weekends. However I will be going up to the cabin next weekend. I don’t know how I’m getting up there but I am going. Family will be there and then it’s back to school for all the kids and back to working all month for me. I will still have a lot of things going on in town with work. but really I am glad that I got to spend time with the family this year up at the lake and cabin. Something that is good is that my family has been staying out of the hospital this year. My dad is doing Ok, Both he and I had a ruff summer. It’s not bad or anything dad is just getting old and well I’m doing the same thing getting old. Dad also had a lot of fun this year he is being called grandpa more and more. It’s still hard to believe he and mom are grandpartents. Soon it will be to more then one kid.


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  1. Pauline
    Thank you for coming by my little blog. Take some time and read it. I hope that you will read more posts as times goes on.

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