Why blog?


Why do I blog, a person that has a hard time spelling. I have been asking this one thing for a bit. I would have thought that podcasting would have been some thing that I would have thought I would love so much more but you no I am always coming back to writing my thoughts down. Don’t think that I don’t like to podcast, because there are the days that I can say what is going on in my mind a lot better than writing it down. However I think that I have found that if I can sit and write it down then I feel better. It’s kind of like going to church and being growned. I have been blogging for a long time now so it’s like coming to something that I know and understand. Now if you were to go back in time and ask the teachers that I dearly love if I would be doing something like this they would say know way is Mary going to do something like that.

However, I do love doing just that blogging and saying what I really have to say. Putting in pitchers and showing off my family and friends. Takeing pitchers of the trees and knowing that my life is kind of like them and writing about it.

It’s still hard for me to think that people would want to know who I am and where I come from. Not just the place in which I was born. The thought of people just wanting to get to know me as a person. Even though I have some floz in my life. Some of the floz are big ones that I think are going to take over my life some days. Other floz are small and things that everyone deals with. Yet, I ask again why would people want to know about a person that has problems with her faith, dealing with a disability, and learning that the world around her is not a kind place.


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