This is how memory’s are made


As I was looking at my pitchers and you know if I can do something for my family and try to take pitchers to help make memory’s then I’m doing something right. After learning that there was not a whole lot of pitchers of my family when me moved back to Minnesota. I thought that my family needs to take all the time to make memory’s that we can get down in pitchers. Not just words. So really if memory’s can be made like this

I will do just that. Mom and dad are getting older and sis and I are not getting any younger. So times like this was a time that might not ever happen again.

This memory is going to be one that I don’t think I will forget

Grandma is in seventh heaven right now.  Her Grandson is not one that likes to stay in one place. But in the morning Grandma is the best place to be.

I think Grandpa is going to remember this one

Grandpa said to me that he is so happy to do things with his grandson. Grandpa would not change anything about this day. I got to be there and see it all first hand. I was the one that was taking the pitchers.

I also think this is a fun pitcher. You see Grandson does not like laude things and so just to see him do this is so funny because we were all letting him say fire in the whole. But he still did not like the noise

This is my fav just because this is something that myself and my sis would do all the time. We would go some were and all the stuff would need to come with us. So like mommy like son


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