these are the best pitcher that I look over the weekend


It’s not very often when mom and dad get to spend time with their grandson and some one is there to get a good pitcher. Yet, this past weekend it was very much that. Only grandma, grandpa, and grandchild. This was the best of the best ones that I got.

You see Grandma is loving it up and it’s not very often that T will let grandma hold him in the morning. grandma will always do the learning things with “T” but we just got up and it was colder than normal so “T” let grandma hold him until he was more up. Grandma loves to hold her grandson.

Grandpa was in seventh heaven. Some of the pitchers that I got were great but this was about the best of them all. Both “T” and Grandpa was having a time of their life. I think that grandpa was having more fun.


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  1. Oh Miss Ellen E
    you are so right. at the same time those pitchers can come back and hont you. I think I have one of me eating mod. On the side of my blog page there is a flickr place were you can see all the pitchers from this past weekend.

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