Time up Nourth again


Hi all, I would just like to say that I’m up North again for the summer. This might be one of the last times. Yes I know I said I was going to un-plug but as I am not at the CNMC and all of my good on-line friends are there, I though that it was ok for me on to un-plug. I know they are all going to be having a good time and all, I hope to get all of the up dates when I get home and all the pitchers come in for the time together.

Well, like I said I am up north one more time. It is very different this time. I don’t feel like I have to get a sun tan, or I have to spend time out side, don’t get me wrong I am spending a lot of time out side. but like today I was tried and I stayed out sided for a bit longer but then I went in and sleep on a bed for a bit more. I did not stay out side and find the sun. I’m also using the tends unit. However, when I put that thing on it is very hard for me to move around. I have things hanging of me and around me. I need to just be very careful about what I am doing when I have it on.

My sis and her son are coming up this weekend also so it will be like a little family time for just the four of use plus one. This is the kind of time that I love. Not that I don’t love my family and my boy friend and his family but it is nice to jus have “us” I think it just takes me back to when I was growing up and it was just the four of use.

Mom and Dad have been very busy up here this past month. I can see so much that has changed. New this, and new that oh and don’t forget here and there. There is other family up of the week, that is nice just because it’s just not mom and dad. The people around the lake are very nice and they look out for mom and dad.

One more thing that I do need to tell you all is that my audio Boos are getting up. So I think the podcast took some time off for the summer but the boos are not. Good things are coming out with the boos. Like mom on face book. I will have to tell you all about that when I get back to town.

One more thing is that I do not have my speech out put and so I don’t know if the spelling is good. or if I used the right words. That is the life of up north 🙂


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