Today 8*2*10


Today I was down stars and I did great. I did get out for lunch and went to church. It was the only time that I saw the sun. The day was Hot. But really it was good. I did have a hard time finding things that I needed. and had a time trying to get things done. Yet, over all the day went very fast. I can so see myself just sitting and not doing anything but work. I have a feeling I will be making an alarm for every 45 mins to go off so I keep getting up.

Today myself and my co-worker were cold and so we both had jackets on our old boss came down to help with something and he looked at us and said is it that cold down here? We both looked at him and asked a whole lot of things.

I think this is the hard thing about this move. the new boss is very willing to learn but it’s just so hard to ask him things that we know that he done not know what to do. When it would be nice to call the old boss. I know the new people will get to know what we are doing and things will be fine soon.

I feel that I am going to have to step out and  not be the quite person and eat lunch with them and just get to know them more and more. I feel like I am not taking the time to get to know them. Yet, I still need to get un-packed and things going in the right way. So life is just going to have to keep going. I know I can do this it’s just a bit harder than I thought it was going to be.

Here is my PABL for the day:

today I was out and took the stars three times and I got about 4,000 steps in. So that is not bad right.


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