feel like I’m at home


Have you ever felt like when you go some where you feel like you’re at home. It could be a smile from a person that you love very much or the way something looks. I have been going to Church down town, I think most of you guys know that but I was away from it for a bit. And the other day when I did go I felt like I was at home.

I started to think of me, faith, God and many more things. I felt grounded for some strange way I was not oh my.. I was just there and listening to what was going on. I could really here what I was saying and what was being said to me. All of the times that we say things in church and we just say it to say it. For some strange reason it was so much more that day. I almost started to cry. The words that I was saying I was also listening to and it was the truth and there was nothing wrong with it. I got done at church and I felt like I was pushed right back into the life of here and now. I would have loved to stay in the place of where I was. The feeling of love, not being in pain, not being hurt any more. It  was the best thing ever. I have never been able to get back to that place that I was on that day. The feeling is not the same. The hope is not there. The hurt that I have all the time is still in me. So how can I get back to that place? How can I show God that I would like to be there again with the love of him. The love of the holy spirit around me? The feeling of not worrying about what is going to happen. I would love to get to the place were I feel again like I’m at home.


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