Can’t wait to get out of town


If there is a good thing about the summer time it is getting out-of-town. I will be going to mom and dad’s at the end of the week. I can’t wait. I think that one thing that is really good right now is that I have had the time to get out-of-town this summer. I know that it will be hard in the winter but getting out in the summer for me is and will always be the best thing. I do find that my body gets to hurting more when I am in town and just sitting. So to help with not hurting I have taken time off ever month this summer to move a lot more. I feel that it has been a good thing. It has also helped with some other things that I have wanted to do more like spend time with my parents, family and get up to the cabin. I have tried to un-plug as much as I can but it’s hard and that might be something that I do next year. (baby steps for now)

The other thing is that The CNMC is going to be happening this weekend. I so badly would have loved to go but I could not do it. So instead of staying home and being so mad about not going I said you know why not take the time off and get out-of-town. So that is what I am doing. I’m getting out-of-town and going some were that I love very much and that I feel is a good place to go. So it’s back up to the cabin and back to see the lake and family.

How can you say No to something so great as this

and seeing people moving around and just having a good time.

So in a few days I will be leaving town and going some were that I love and that is up to the lake.


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  1. Looks idyllic! Have fun! You can’t beat getting close to nature to really chill out & de-stress, I think. And if you’re there with friends & family it must be even more beneficial.

  2. Miss Ellen E

    I love it up there. the air is some what better. We all have a good time. Dad loves it when I get up there. I think my sis is going up for the weekend next week. But she will not be there for the whole week that I am. Time with family and time with just me. So good!!!

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