My disability


Hey guys I’m getting very up set with people trying to say to me that I need to be all for people with disabilities because I have one. I am also getting up set with people who are just so mad about the people with disabilities because “we” are people who can’t do things. “We” are people who are looking for hand outs. So for those people who might read this post I would like to just say:

I am a person with a disability. I can’t make it go away, so don’t get mad at me because I have a disability. I did not ask for it. If anything you should be mad at what happen to me when I was born but, please don’t get mad at me. I would like you to just know that I have it. I don’t want you to just see the disability. I would like you to know that I am a person that yes has a disability but please don’t say that mine is the same as the next person. I am not in a group so don’t say “we”. I have found out that saying “we” is like saying a word that you would not say around your family or kids. So don’t lump us all together.

I work and have had the same job for 11 years. I am very good at what I do. I don’t work at a fast food place. I work for a bank. I went to college and got my two-year degree. I am a person that pays taxes on the same things that you all do. I drive and have to put gas in my car just like you. I believe that I am not asking for anything more or less.

So stop looking at me like I am using the system, because I’m not. I’m just like you. If you need a day off then that is Ok. But if I need a day off it’s like I’m asking for too much. Yes, I do use the ADA Law to help me. But I am not hiding behind it. If anything it is helping me to be a part of the working class.

I might have more challenges then you, but it just makes me stronger as a person. Something that you would not have to worry about.

Yes I do see people out there that do have disabilities that over use the system. I get just as mad about that as the next person. I also see people who are trying to do things that they will never be able to do, that is both people with and with out a disability.

For most of my friends who do have some kind of disability they would like to never have to use the card that they have a disability in any part of their life. It’s just something that my friends and me would like to just let people see us and not the disability first.


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  1. Well said, Mary! Anyone who knows you, who reads your blog or listens to your podcast would know that you are a person who is pulling her own wieght in society. So three cheers for Mary!

  2. Thank you so much Jim.
    For the past few weeks I have been seeing a who lot of thing about people with disabilitys and how “we” are using the system to much. Or how I should do more for people with disabilitys. I don’t think I’m that something I would like to do. I know some of my friends are upset with me because I am or am not doing more. Others of my friends are kind of sitting in the same boat as me. Look at use for who we are and not for what we fail short on.

    So thanks again Jim.

    • Thank you Laura for your comment. I think I wrote this when I was just so mad at people seeing me for who I was not. People seem to never see me for me. At first they see the adds that I need at work. Or my brasse or things like that. They never see me. Mary who has a lot to say about things. A person that is out going. Someone that would love to talk for ever about other thing. You know the things that people don’t see. So thank you for your words.

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