Yes I’m 33 years old BUT I’m just like a 7 year old


Two weeks ago I did something that I have not done in a long time. I tripped and I hit the ground and my knee got the most of it. Well then I did it again a few days later. But, you know I just got up and kept doing what I was doing. When I was a young girl I would do this all the time it was because I would lose my balance and I would just trip and go down. It also has to do with having the Cerebral Palsy that at that time was something that I didn’t understand. Yes I know that I had it but I also know that I didn’t look like any of my friends, so what.

Well, when I was up north the place I love to be. Some of my other family and I were up for the week at the same time and you know they have a 7-year-old girl and I started to talk about our own bumps and other things. She was shaking her head about how I didn’t cry when I fell down. But almost every day after that she would come up to me and ask if she could look at my knee.

It got me thinking about how much a person at that age really would just like to see things and how much they are still learning. People would like to say that kids at that age are still at the time of their life when they are learning more about out of sight out of mind. Yes they are thinking about what is going to happen in 5 mints. But they are still learning about the here and now.

So, because I was up there with them for the whole week I could use my knee to stop many things from getting out of hand. She was only 7 and we all know that 7 year olds are still learning how far she can push her self. So when things were getting out of hand I would just slip in “I didn’t cry” then I looked at my knee and then looked at her. It was great most the time because I could stop her in the middle of what she was getting upset about.

Inside of me I was using some of the things that I learned in one of my college classes. So for me it was great to see it happen right in front of me.

Oh and I have to say my knee is getting better


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  1. Hi Miss Ellen E

    It’s getting better every day. But I am using it to get some things from the boy friend. 🙂 don’t tell him. Not a lot of things but you know can you get me some water or something like that.

    I’m glad to here from you

  2. OMG I hate the thought of falling and scraping my knees up like that. Fortunately I rarely fall at this point either. But it made me remember something. About 3 weeks ago I moved to a bigger apartment in the same complex. I moved as much as could by myself before the movers came and as a result was covered in bruises. Then last week as I was getting in the shower I noticed a HUGE healing bruise in a place one can’t normally see on themselves. I stood there for a full five minutes trying to figure out how I got a bruise that big and didn’t notice!!! Funny it didn’t hurt until I saw it and I take it as I sign that I am getting old when I can’t remember what caused that 😀

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