Having a hard time getting back into it.


Hi all, it’s been a few days now that I have been back in town. I thought I was doing very good. I feel like I did very good the first two days being back. I even went on the the doctor and said Hi and I did very good, no tears. Well it was that night that it kind of felt like the whole world was coming back on to my sholder.  I don’t know if you have had that happeneds to you. I can say it has happend to me in the past so I was ready for the feeling of not knowing what was going on. However, it was nothing like what I felt.

I came home and I jumped right into almost the same thing that I left with. Appointments right one after another. I learned that my only co-worker was going to be taking time off at the end of the week. This was something new for me. I tryed to just roll with it. However, I don’t think that people at work think that I can do the things that I know I can. They all know I have a hard time with the unknown. But to pop this one on me was kind of mean.

From being back in town I have been able to get to  P T and get a thing that I hope with all I have is going to help with the pain in my back. I was using it today and it was working at the end of the day. And man it helped with a lot of things. It is something that I would have liked when I was up at the parents. Yet, next month I hope to have it with me when I get up there. It will make me feel much better.

So have you ever had a hard time getting back into the whole everything day things after you have been taking time off?


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  1. I always enjoy getting back into therouyine of things after vacation… I must be the only guyinyhe world who enjoys Monday mornings!

  2. Jim

    I will have to say that I do not like them with the b-friend has to work on the weekends Just because I like having time to myself. but when I get to speend time all weekend with him when he has weekends off I am so ready for the week to start. I do love him. But to much of a good thing you know.

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