Where has Mary been this week


Hi all, This past week has been a very good week all in all. I got to see mom and dad last sunday and it was a lot of fun. Just to be able to spend time with my family. I did not go up north because that had to come down to the city for their own appointments. All of their appointments well this last week so that was good. Mom had one that I know was for after her surgery. They did not stay in town for very long. I think they came in on Sunday and left on Tuesday.

I had to work on Tuesday, I took off Monday thinking I was not going to be in town but now I just had a day off. I think it was nice to have it off. I love my b-friend but he was very much hanging on to me all weekend. I get that way also. Yet, right now that we don’t get to see each other every weekend anymore it’s hard on both of use.

So back to Tuesday I had work and it was not fun, something was just off. I don’t know why but it was just not right. I also had my EMDR to go to in the afternoon. It was a good appointment. As I have said many times in my podcast is that EMDR is something that some times I don’t want to go to deep with it for that day but for some resone I always go to the places that I don’t want to.  It’s good because I’m getting all the bad things out but it’s hard

Wednesday is was a day that I had to go to P T. I got to use a new thing and it was very nice to just sit and relax. Something I don’t get to do. But now as my back is moving on in days it is starting to hurt even more. The P T would like me to see her helper person. I said Ok but what would this person me doing? and Who is the person? She said it was a male and my heart started to jump and the PTSD kicked in right away. I told her that I would try to would there be someone in the room with him. And the door would be open right? Some one would keep an eye out? She said that he might just work on my legs. You see my P T is an older person. and she doesn’t have the strength to push and stretch out my legs like the other person did,

Work was kind of busy on Wednesday. If I can remember it was just a day that all the work come in and week got it done but I left feeling off. You know how some times you get that way.

Thursday Was a good day. I had a hard time getting to work. I have been having dizzy spells and I don’t know why. I didn’t get to work on time I think I was about an hour late but it’s not like me. I wish I could get to work on time all the time. We also had some big storms come through. I didn’t have anything I had to do right  away but I did change when I got my hair cut. I changed it to Thursday because I know I was not going to be able to get it done on Saturday. So it was $38 to get my hair trimmed. She also said to me that she was going to be changed her rates to $40. I think I will be change places that I get my hair cut. That is like a whole co-pay for me.

Friday came and I had to see the work coach and that was hard If you list to my podcast you will know what I mean by that. I need to get some more help. Or other help.

So that is where I have been in the last week.  Around and about.


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