Social Media


I don’t like to say it but I love Social Media. If there is some where to be I’m there. I have tried to cut back on it however I find myself just finding new ways of getting my fix. Yes, you might call it a drug for some. I call it a place that I can talk to friends that know me I think. People all around me know about some of the social networks that are common. Yet there are some that people don’t know about or did not like. ll

I think that Social Media is a good thing to a degree. If it was not for it I would not have friends from the GSPN.TV group. And we can count out SQPN.Com Both places are great and I love them. I have met most of my friends on the net from these two places. But if there was not Social Media Or a good place to hang out some of the friendships that I have made would have never happen.

Yes I have a blog that I love. If it was not for friends that I have made I would not be blogging. You the people who read my blog would not know who or what or how a person with a disability works in the world that we all are in. I think that it’s been a great place to show others and myself that hey I can do that. Or I just need to think about it more. Blogging has also helped with my spelling. Some times I look at a word and know that it’s not right. Or other times my fingers just know where to go to spell that word. It’s much harder to write something down with a pin and paper. Not that I will not do it. I just find it taking me a longer time. I also think that reading other blogs have helped me with my reading. I have been able to learn more words from just reading others blogs.

I was doing something that I do a lot and that was reading blogs and I found a few good ones. So here is the first one. It’s from Steph’s random Thoughts. It’s a YouTube clip that she put up and Yes I am one of these people to a degree.

now I have to say that I am trying to cut back. Here is one way that I am getting time away. Every Month I go and see the cabin for a week or so. I have to unplug and just take what I have. But there is so much that I like to do when I get up there. I love to have the time to take pitchers and just think. So I’m getting away from the Social Media and the city also.


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