My life and the PABL


My life and the whole PABL thing. I can say that most of you all know I have been trying to do the whole thing of PABL. I had a goal of getting down to what I was weight size when I was going to college. Yes I know that College was about 5 years ago. And so much has changed in my life. But I set this goal for my self for me, I needed to find a way to get back down to what I was. I have tried to do so much. I have not been able to get past 168 lb. It’s so hard, but man if I could put it on then I have to find a way to get it off.

The drugs that I am taking that the doctor has given me has weight gane as one of many side effects. I would love to get off of them but I just don’t know if I will ever be off them. The disability is winning and I don’t like that thought. I don’t like the thought that the person that changed my life forever is winning again. Some how and some way I need to get the weight off. Yes, I could say I can’t do it because . . . However, I’m not that way. I am going to have to look at this some other way. Maybe going to the cabin is going to be good for me with getting up and down the hill.

I have been fighting with myself to just get out the door, maybe it’s not get out the door that I need. It just might be get to the cabin. Go up and down the hill to get to the water. Go up and down the hill to get something that I might have forgotten.

PABL is not just getting the weight off. It’s also learning how to get myself in check with myself. You know all the stuff that you are to do on the weekend. laundry, cleaning, shopping and much more. However I have just let the PABL be about my weight.  That is not going to happen any more. I am going to work harder to keep some of the things that I have started going.

So bring it on with the PABL.


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