Having no “spoons” do go to work.


Ok yesterday as you all know was very hard on me. I didn’t know that I was using all my “spoons.”  Well I did use them all and the next day. So today when I got up I was going no where. My body was so mad at me and it let me know right away. It felt like my body had taken over me. I’m still trying to get my energy up and going. But I have plans that I am going out-of-town for the weekend. ans so there is some things that still need to get done. And so I am going to put this video up. Even though I have no “spoons”  to do much I have to get things done. Something had to give a my body told me know more. If anything it told me “no more dealing with the trial. It’s to hard today.”

So I go back to this Video and try to remind my self that I used all my spoons. Even though I don’t have Lupus I do have a disability and it takes just as many spoons as other disability like lupus


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