Farm ville


OK all I have to tell you that I am now showing you that I love farm ville. If you don’t understand let me show you.

This is one of the many things that I see all the time. If you said Cow you are right. But It’s something that I see every day. So how do you stop somthing like this???


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  1. As I like playing farmville on Facebook, I am always looking for more information how to improve my skills. I would like to dominate the farmville game but I need some secrets from experienced players. Thanks for proving the info here.

    • Hi Jeremy,
      Thanks for comeing over and looking at my blog and now you know what I can’t stop!! All the love of farm ville. I can give you to things to help you with your farm vill game. one is a podcast the other is a good blog. I don’t know if you know about podcasts but they are a type of talk show that you can take on the go but better, so much better. The podcast is The Secrets of farmville I really like it Yes it is done with a cathlice people but don’t let that stop you. The other is Farm ville as a blog. I find them from facebook.

      Are we friends on farm ville?

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