after appontment today


As you might have read today on my blog I had to go to EMDR. Let me tell you that I feel much better. I don’t know why or how but it has happend. I feel like even though it’s going to be hard for the next week or so I am going t get through it. I hope that your day was good. I did not run out of today. Came very close to moving into runing out but I did have just one more to come home and sit. What a day that I would not wish on to anyone. If there is one thing I have to say is that befor my birthday which is July 4th I am going to have all my podcast up and going. It’s something that I would love to get done befor I leave town for the week. So as a good friend would say keep your eye on your spoons and don’t let them faul out.


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